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Honey Do Crew

Like busy little bees, the Honey Do Crew is here to help! But you won't get stung! Oh no!
AddressCambridge, MD
Phone(443) 205-0693

The Honey Do Crew Professional Handyman & Hauling Services

Provided by Cumberpatch Construction

We must choose hope over fear. So says our new President, Barack Hussein Obama. Good times are here again and economic recovery is right around the corner. With 11.5 trillion dollars already injected into the economy and the Obama administration proposing a 3.6 trillion dollar budget with even more trillions to follow from the Federal Reserve to buy long term debt from the Tresaury (kinda like the snake eating its' tail), the financial crisis is bottoming out. So is the value of your home. With government ready to spend us back into prosperity, your home's value should stabilize and begin to rise once again.
We are now all Socialists. So now is the perfect time take to care of all those little home maintenance problems and start to reduce that "honey do" list. From sticky doors and broken window sash cords to leaky toilets, the Honey Do Crew is ready to help you get your house or business back in tip top shape. As custom home builders, we are not just a bunch of flunkies or recent graduates of the criminal justice system looking for work.
We are experienced builders, liscensed, insured and legal citizens of these here United States of America. We have the skill and prefessional knowledge to tackle any project, from the smallest home irritant (no, not your husband) to additions, decks, historic restoration, total renovations and custom homes.

Like busy little bees, the Honey Do Crew is here to help! But you won't get stung! Oh no! We know what we are doing, just like Timothy "I have a plan" Geithner, are intrepid new Secretary of the Treasury and Ben "Helicopter" Bernake. Just like the busy little bees in Washington District of Chaos have things well under control, we will swarm over your house or business to make everything right with the world for you once again. Hence, our new logo incoporates the busy little honey bee, going about the business of making honey from pollen (kinda like the Fed making money out of thin air) for all us to enjoy. It is also about branding. Yes, the busy little bees. Isn't he cute?

If you are a Realtor, Bank or Landlord, you know the challenge in finding good, reliable refuse removal and hauling Sure, anybody can get an old beat up pick-up truck and get into the hauling business. Problem is, some folks are interested in hauling a few things away that you want to keep.
Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of any successful business. You want that favorite old lazy boy of your recently deceased husband taken to the dump, but at the same time, you don't want to be taken to the cleaners. You want to be assured that great-grandma's diamond encrusted broche on the bedside table doesn't grow legs and disappears. You can be confident that when you call the Honey Do Crew, we'll take only the things you want us to take.
Trying to turn over a rental unit after the most recent eviction is a challenge for most landords, especially absentee landlords. Getting that rental unit or foreclosed home ready for new occupants in a timely fashion is no longer a concern with the Honey Do Crew on the case.

Even with the advantages of opposing thumbs on each hand and millions of years of evolution on his side, if you have come to discover (too late it seems) that your husband has neither the skill or the manly inclination to fix the problems around the house, get on the phone and call the Honey Do Crew.
If you're tired of being called a "Nag" for wanting your husband (or life partner as the case may be) to get off his fat, lazy, lard laden rear and get that window sash cord fixed (secretly, he wants that window to come crashing down with the convienent effect of removing your head from its once secure position atop your spine and then falling into the rose bushes below), let the Honey Do Crew save you from such a tragic and untimely (just before the Soupbowl) death.

The Handy Man takes everything he takes, he puts back in proper working order
No longer is your house in disorder, we can fix it all in short order

Oh, who can stop the nagging, and make it go away
Stop all of the complaining and make you the hero of the day

The Handy Man takes everything he takes will all be fixed up like new
No more listening to your wife's boo hoos, we can take care of all the 'Honey Do's"
Yeah, yeah, yeah


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