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Shape Up for Spring

This article is all about getting in shape and active for spring by engaging in spring sports and other club activities

As the weather warms up and spring starts to make an appearance, it is not surprising that health and fitness are also gaining attention. Getting in shape for the spring and summer months is as easy as joining a sport and getting out to play a few games.

Fitness Benefits of Sports

Playing a sport is a great way to improve health and get in shape. Although sports will have different movements and methods of improving fitness levels, most spring sports will require some running, training and practice to play effectively.

During practice, players will naturally end up getting in shape and improving overall health. Running over a court or field will provide cardiovascular exercise while the movement of equipment will build up muscles.


Baseball is a beloved sport that starts in the spring. As a team sport, it is a great opportunity to enjoy interacting with other players and enjoying socialization while improving fitness levels.

In baseball, players are expected to learn skills related to throwing, batting and running. Depending on the position on the field, the exact skills required will vary slightly. During practice, players will spend time working on short and long sprints, building up arm muscles for throwing and practicing the swing of a bat.


Volleyball is another spring favorite. Although the game does not involve as much active running as other sports, players are expected to jump, dive for the ball and squat to keep the ball in play. Those movements will naturally build up leg muscles and increase the heart rate.

Although practice will spend time focusing on different ways to serve, bump, set and spike the ball, players will still spend time running and working on muscle building before stepping onto the court. Since six players are on each team, it is a perfect spring sport for social games and activities. It is importatnt to have comfortable team uniforms so that moving and running on the court are easy and effortless. At Cisco Athletic a variety of volleyball uniforms can be found and even custom designed.


Golf is a sport that involves a great deal of walking, muscle control and precision. Although it can seem like a simple sport that does not improve physical fitness, the golf clubs are relatively heavy and hitting the ball with the right amount of force requires strong muscles and the right form.

Practicing golf focuses on building up muscle strength, improving fine control, working on form and practicing hits. The walking is the cardiovascular element that helps improve physical fitness.

The spring months are the perfect time to explore new sports and get in shape at the same time. Although many of the sports are played with a team, golf is also available to enjoy more solitude while playing. As the weather warms up, it is time to start focusing on health and improving physical fitness. Playing spring sports will provide the best opportunity to get in shape without becoming bored of the activities.

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