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How To Dismantle A Sofa For A Move

How To Dismantle A Sofa For A Move
Sofa disassembly service

How to dismantle a sofa: Tips

The dismantling of a sofa requires much heavy work, especially if you don’t have professional workers. When you face this kind of challenge, there are some tricks how to disarm a sofa this can help make the task easier. No one like you knows your sofa better, but do you know if it's removable? If it is not, the strategy "help + friends = sofa + pizza" always works, so get yourself a roll of plastic to pack and pull hand out of agenda. On the other hand, disassembling a large sofa can make it pass through the frame of a door.

Sofa safety

Some recent models sofas use electricity to move the footrests and the back of the seat. If you have an electronic sofa, always unplug it before beginning the disassembly process. This simple step, which can easily be overlooked, can prevent electrocution, burns or damage to the sofa.

Separating the back of the recliner

The shape on the back of a recliner is dismantled, although this may vary by manufacturer. Look at the seams on the back of the sofa. Some sofa makers place the levers at the seams that release the back of the recliner from the rest of the sofa. You may need a screwdriver to adjust the lever if you cannot do it by hand. If you do not find a lever in the back couches of the sofa, tilt the sofa on its back. Look for bolts or screws in the location where the back of the sofa connects to the seat. On some sofas, you can only remove the part of the backrest that rests.

Velcro panels

Sometimes the back of a sofa has a fabric panel that is attached with sturdy Velcro. When you lift or remove the panel, you can access different levers and screws that help keep parts of the sofa together, such as the armrests. Before removing any of the equipment from the sofa, take a picture of the assembly. The picture can serve as reference when you have to reassemble the sofa. Place the hardware you removed from the back of the sofa in a plastic-labeled bag. It is also a good idea to take photos of the entire disassembly process. On the other hand, keep the nuts, bolts, screws, washers and other parts of the different sections of the chair in separate plastic bags.

Removing the footrest and other components

You can begin to remove the footrest by extending it and removing the exposed bolts and bolts. If the hardware is not exposed, tilt the sofa forward so you can see inside the bottom of the furniture. From here, the footrest can be separated from its hinges. You should also be able to separate the center consoles, the integrated cushions, the spring sets or the individual armrests. On some models of sofas, you may be able to separate the reclining units from the rest of the sofa.

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