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Economical Rolling Service Door Solution for Manufacturing Facilities in Baltimore, MD

Designed for durability. Our Model 900 rolling service doors are composed of curved or flat-faced slats that provide a natural watershed, helping to reduce corrosion.

Wayne Dalton 900 Rolling Steel Service Door at Just-Rite Equipment

·         Wayne Dalton's Model 900 Rolling Service Door is ideal for jobs where an economical solution, as well as durability and strength, are needed. This door offers flexibility in curtain materials with choices of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.

·         Our Model 900 rolling service doors are composed of curved or flat-faced slats that provide a natural watershed, helping to reduce corrosion. The slats are designed with free-acting interlocking joints that permit easy articulation when the door coils.

·         Model 900 features a strong double-angle bottom bar designed for easy installation and does not require fasteners in the guide openings, so the bottom bar does not interfere with door operation.

·         The counterbalance assembly consists of a spring barrel that serves as a load-carrying beam. It encases the counterbalance mechanism and provides the axis around which the curtain coils. (Deflection is limited to 0.033" per lineal foot of span.)


The Model 900 features a strong double-angle bottom bar that reinforces the lower edge of the curtain against wind pressure and permits varied lock, bottom bar, and safety edge options. This is designed for easy installation and does not require fasteners protruding into the guide openings, so the bottom bar does not interfere with door operation.


Assembly and Mounting


• The counterbalance consists of a spring barrel, serving as a load-carrying beam and encasing the mechanism

• Barrel rings of iron or stamped steel can be added to ensure proper counterbalance

• The counterbalance springs are wound from heat-treated steel

• The spring tension adjusting wheel is mounted outside the bracket and an inside adjusting wheel for tight applications is available

• A hood cover encloses the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism


Common Applications

·         Warehouse and Industrial spaces

·         Manufacturing facilities

·         Food and Beverage facilities


Wayne Dalton Model 900 Rolling Steel Doors have been considered the king of the industry for quite some time, this is largely due to them providing the best long-term value. Rolling Steel Doors offer a variety of benefits for a volume of applications. 


Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ is the major supplier of commercial rolling steel doors throughout Baltimore, MD. As part of the DuraServ familyJust-Rite Equipment, we have become a market leader through a tradition of quality and durability that has been the standard for all rolling steel service doors in Baltimore, MD. By supplying a wide range of rolling service door products at competitive prices, we provide effective solutions for our customers in today's marketplace.


Wayne Dalton - Model 900 Rolling Steel Service Door has a lot to offer your building, no matter the setting. Want to incorporate them on your next project? Check out our products or talk to an industry expert today to learn more about Wayne Dalton - Model 900 rolling steel doors. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications where strength and durability are needed, Wayne Dalton’s Model 900 Rolling Service Door is an economical solution. This door is available in a range of material and color options. Contact us today. 

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